Items to Include in Your Vacation Rental Welcome Letter

If you’re someone who owns a vacation rental home, you’re aware of the fact that your guest booked your rental to enjoy a holiday break. Your goal is to offer that relaxing experience that begins the moment they step into your vacation rental.

To ensure that you’ve done your best to design a spectacular guest experience, start by offering a positive first impression! Even if you’re not physically there to welcome the guest, the vacation rental welcome letter symbolizes the warm hospitality you serve.

Why Provide a Vacation Rental Letter?

The objective of greeting a guest with a vacation rental letter is to create a personalized and welcoming gesture as they enter your rental lodging. This is even more significant when you’re not available to personally meet the guests face-to-face.

The thoughtful and warm practice of writing a welcome letter displays your hospitable approach to your guests. It lets them know that their presence is appreciated and it says that you care to give them a pleasant stay in your rental accommodations.

Issuing a well-crafted welcome letter sets the tone of the vacation of your guests. It also achieves the following:

  • It sends the message to your guests that you have something unique to offer them since you took the time to craft a personalized gesture.
  • It lets the guests get more familiar with your vacation rental.
  • It highlights the policies they need to follow while staying in your accommodations.

vacation rental welcome letter

What to Write in Your Welcome Letter?

The welcome letters don’t need to be lengthy. You want to send a clear and positive message to the guests without taking too much of their time.

Here are tips on how to create the perfect vacation rental welcome letter for your guests.

Personalize the Letter

If you provide a uniform letter to everyone, it won’t evoke emotions as strongly as a more customized message. This approach can be time-consuming, especially if you’re managing several units. One way to make it more efficient is to create several templates where you can tweak sentences later as you address each guest.

Contain Your Full Address

Your welcome letter should show your full address to assist guests when they leave the vacation rental after checking in. If they lose their way, they can use the letter to ask for help from locals or show it to their cab driver.

Include Contact Information

Part of welcoming a guest is to conduct an orientation to make sure they understand house rules and how to operate specific appliances. However, your guests may still have other questions or forget some information. It’s your duty to remain accessible by providing your contact information so they can easily reach you for urgent concerns.

Always make your guests feel that they can talk to you. This way, you’re able to provide a quick response for any need that comes up. This can also help you prevent potential conflicts or miscommunications that can lead to bad reviews affecting your vacation rental business.

Polices and important information for rental stay

Send Information About the Welcome Book

In your rental welcome letter, inform the guest where they can physically or digitally find the welcome book. This ensures that they have access to the important rules and guidelines in your vacation rental.

Summarize the Vacation Rental Policies

Your welcome letter can highlight the important rules covered in your Welcome Book. It serves as an immediate reminder to the guests on the things they should pay the most attention to.

For example, asking the guest to switch off the air conditioning unit or turn the lights off when they leave or telling them to reduce the noise level after 10 PM.

Thank Guests at the End of the Letter

The closing portion of your vacation rental welcome letter must show appreciation. Pen a thank you and a sincere wish for your guests to enjoy their stay. You can even add that you’d be happy to still be their choice of accommodation in the future.

Additional Tips to Enhance Your Welcome Letter

You can delight your guests further by taking the time to use a handwritten font that includes a scribble of your signature. This extra step shows the guest that they deserve the additional attention and that you have the time to spare to make a special welcome note for them.

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As a vacation rental owner, you want to create a well-crafted welcome letter to gain excellent guest reviews which in turn can attract more prospective tenants.

This is vital because it’ll mean that you can reduce rental vacancies and you’ll always have the funds to pay the maintenance expenses of your vacation rental home. It’s also reassuring to have a fully booked vacation rental for a steady ROI.


Set aside time for this tiny, yet essential detail. A vacation rental welcome letter can serve as a wonderful strategy to raise your customer service points by several notches. Shows you care and lets your vacation rental stand out from others.

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