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With so many international and local tourists visiting Saint Augustine annually, it comes as no surprise that investors are flocking to sink their resources in the local real estate market. In addition to the steady stream of rental income, property investors are enjoying an appreciation in value, tax incentives/ benefits, and protection from economic shocks like inflation.

However, to enjoy all these benefits and more, you need to make the right investment choice. You must have verifiable and actionable information to work with. An experienced and reputable property company is the ideal partner for you as they have all this and more.

Suncastle Properties is the company to rely on. We are a reputable and established company known for our customized investment property solutions. With our cutting-edge technology, human resources, and experience, we are able to offer sound and professional advice to help you along your real estate investment journey.

Without a doubt, investing in property is a good idea to not only grow your portfolio but also enjoy passive income. However, you need some expert help to stay ahead of the competition and meet your target ROI. Get in touch with us today and request a quote for our customized services. As a locally owned and operated company, we consider ourselves part of the business community and charge all our services at competitive rates.

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Why Invest in Saint Augustine?

Thanks to Saint Augustine’s thriving job market, unemployment rates are down and demand for rental space is on the rise due to the increase in job positions in the region. This is good news for investors as it can draw in more people looking for rentals. As already mentioned, Saint Augustine receives many tourists every year. They come to enjoy the beautiful weather, the pristine beaches, and other natural recreational options in the area. To supplement the traditional long-term leasing option, investors can choose to venture into short-term rentals.

However, we should note that the state has provisions that govern the leasing of a property on a short-term basis. There could also be community guidelines for those who own condominiums or property in HOAs, that restrict or police short-term leasing. Another advantage of investing in Saint Augustine is the availability of housing options in the area. There are several neighborhoods for you to invest in that offer anything from luxury estates to condominiums to beach-front properties. Some of the notable neighborhoods include Butler Beach, Anastasia Island, Vilano Beach, and Augustine Beach.

Investors can also choose to invest in housing for college and university students in the area. An investment in the right location and with appropriate amenities can allow you to take advantage of the constant stream of students looking for housing.

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How Suncastle Properties Can Assist Investors?

As the leading property service provider in Saint Augustine and the Northern Florida region, Suncastle Properties is relied upon to meet the needs of hundreds of current and potential real estate investors in the region. We offer a broad range of property solutions to meet investors’ needs. Our team has detailed a few to give you an appreciation of what we have to offer.

Due Diligence

Before you make the final decision on that rental investment, you must have all the details of the property and location. A rental property could be in a prime location and be in seemingly good condition, but further inspection and research could highlight costly issues.

You will need information on Homeowners Association fees and rules, property taxes, vacancy rates, maintenance costs, turnover rates, and rental pricing rates among other pertinent information. The team at Suncastle Properties is willing and ready to collect this information on your potential property for you.

Rental Property Preparations

Before you can even consider the management of the property, analyze whether your rental is ready to be leased out. You might be surprised to hear that your property doesn’t meet the standards provided by the state. Furthermore, the Florida market is quite competitive. So ask yourself, can your rental compete with the newer options in the market?

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Suncastle Properties can advise you accordingly. After an analysis of the property, we will recommend upgrades and renovations that will increase the allure of your investment property and keep it compliant with local and state habitability codes. With us as your property partner, you are assured that your Saint Augustine property will stand out in the neighborhood.

Management of the Investment Property

Have you given thought to how the property will be managed? You need to know how you’re going to collect rent from your tenants and conceptualize and design the tenant screening process. And what about the maintenance of the property? Are there reputable maintenance crews in the area to handle it? As you can see, there is quite a number of items that contribute to the management of the property. You might be thinking of self-management. But without the expertise and local knowledge, a more worthwhile alternative is hiring a reputable management company.

Suncastle Properties is a full-service property management company with a wide array of management services. We manage numerous properties for our Florida clients, from single-family residences to apartments to multi-rentals. Rely on us to manage the daily operations of your property and keep it in good condition all year long.

Collaboration and Local Networking

Every property investor has a unique set of objectives for their potential investment. To meet those goals, you might require to work with a team of professionals. These include real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, property inspectors, and property appraisers. Where can you find reliable and reputable service providers in each field? Use the expansive network at Suncastle Properties. We are ready to collaborate and spearhead your investment in Florida real estate.