Vacation Rental Owner FAQs

What can I expect from Suncastle Property Management?

By partnering with Suncastle Property management, you receive professional benefits and services, such as:

  • Improved bookings for your property
  • A full-time maintenance technician to take care of those unexpected emergencies
  • Strategic marketing for your vacation rental
  • Access to our professional book-keeping and payment systems

We've made it our business to offer distinctive home rentals to discerning guests who expect the exceptional - even before the luggage is set down. Our goal is to provide exceptional hospitality and personal service to our homeowners, guests and tenants and to develop strategies for building long-term wealth for our owners.

How is Suncastle Property Management different from other companies?

Companies like HomeAway, Airbnb, and VRBO are simply rental listing sites. They usually handle bookings and listings only.

We are a full-service management and marketing company. We do so much more than just list and handle booking your home, we also educate prospective guests about your home and the area. We provide turn-key services for your guest from inspecting and preparing your property prior to rental; communicating with and receiving your guest at check-in; managing the guest experience, handling all guest & maintenance concerns during their stay; protecting your asset by confirming check-out and performing departure inspections, housekeeping and preparing for the next guest, many times the same day.

Most importantly, keeping you informed about your property. Providing feedback to improve the guest experience and increase bookings and your assets performance.

Are your contracts straightforward and fair?

We believe mutual success can only be achieved through a strong partnership with our owners. Having a shared purpose to grow revenues and better the guest experience is key to achieving long-term financial success.

So we offer rental owners contracts that are clear, simple and easy to understand and in accordance with Florida Statutes.

How do I get started with Suncastle Property Management?

To get started with us, you only need to go through a few steps:

  • Give us a call and speak with one of our property managers
  • Tell us about yourself, your property, your goals and objectives
  • Schedule a meeting to show us your property
  • Then we conduct a comparative market analysis to come up with the right rental price and take it from there!\

If you have a rental and are considering professional management, we invite you to schedule a visit to our office to discuss the benefits of professional property management with the Suncastle team.

Just want to learn more about Suncastle Property Management services? Complete a request for information! We're also available by phone at (904) 664-4354 to help you with all your property management questions.

Can Suncastle Property Management help me convert my property into a successful vacation rental?

At Suncastle Property Management, we have the skills, experience, manpower, and resources to make that happen. So not only are we be able to do it, but we’ll also be happy to!

And should something be beyond us, rest assured that we’ll be there to offer you any advice and suggestions we might have.

Do I have to allow pets?

The matter of allowing or not allowing guests to bring pets is solely the decision of the rental property owner.

Allowing pets has its fair share of benefits and shortcomings. One benefit is that you’ll tap into a huge guest pool. As you probably know, America is a nation of pet lovers. In fact, as much as 68% of Americans have pets, according to a survey done by the National Pet Owners Association.

But, by allowing pets, you do expose your property to increased risk of property damage. Luckily, most of the downsides associated with allowing pets into your property is offset our pet policy and related fees.

Will Suncastle Property Management provide me regular updates on the performance of my property?

Of course, we will! We will provide you with a statement of monthly activity for your property detailing rental income and expenses incurred during the period.

And should you need further clarification, your property manager will always be there to help.

How will you ensure my home stays in top condition?

At Suncastle Property Management, we use a multi-faceted approach of inspections and guest feedback to identify issues and maintain the quality of your home.

Deficiencies are recorded, incidental items are addressed and corrected. Owners are contacted and notified of larger maintenance concerns and together a course of action is determined.

For emergencies, our call center operates 24/7 and works to resolve all maintenance issues. We have a team of professional service providers that help us keep your property looking brand new.

What if I cannot find the answer to my question?

If you were not able to find an answer on our website, please contact us directly at (904) 664-4354 and one of our team members will be happy to assist with your questions.