How to Do a Thorough Vacation Rental Inspection

Before marketing, conducting a vacation rental inspection is a must. Turning over a vacation rental without checking for issues can put off guests and may even score you bad reviews in your vacation rental business.

Make it a point to always scrutinize and examine the functionality of your appliances and HVAC systems. If property problems occur, it’s best to know how to address and fix them before they become larger and more costly.

Performing an inspection provides you with a proper assessment and documentation of the state of your vacation rental. If you need to submit claims against damages to your insurance firm, it will be easier to pinpoint the issue thanks to detailed and documented inspections.

You can use this helpful guide when engaging in a complete vacation rental inspection:

Review and access all the entry points

Act as a guest and enter the vacation rental from their perspective. Assess things from the perspective of someone who has never stayed at the rental before. This is a great method to see if there are any entry access problems.

If you’re using keypads, check that the passcodes are accurate and working. If there are specific steps that the guests must follow to unlock/ disarm the rental’s security system provide this information in detail. It’s best to highlight this in the check-in instructions so guests aren’t surprised or confused upon entry.

home security and entry points

If you find that during the inspection it takes a while to open the door because the key sticks or the lock needs to be jiggled to work then opt to change the locks. You want to prioritize the convenience of your guests.

Examine all switches and faucets

Make your way inside the vacation rental room by room. Turn on each light to see which ones need their bulbs replaced. Even if one is still working in a dual light fixture, you still need to replace the malfunctioning one.

It also helps to use LED lights or solar lights to reduce utility bills. You won’t need to replace the lights as frequently as other bulbs which will save you from coming down to perform the chore.

While you’re at it, be vigilant about the kind of bulbs you’re using are they warm or cool tone lights. Providing the same tones gives a coordinated look to your vacation rental.

Turn on every faucet to ensure that they are working properly. Hot water and cold water must be reliable to ensure guest's comfort and safety. You can also double-check if there are any leaks and drips.

Should you find any issues, fix them before welcoming your new guests inside your vacation rental.

Ensure you know how to use each appliance

It’s unfair for guests to experience appliance malfunction. Check to see if any appliance needs to be replaced or sent for repair. Be sure that you know how to test the appliances for defects. Otherwise, it will be difficult to note if there’s an appliance failure.

using home appliances

Remember, your guests can be coming from other countries where the appliances may not work similarly. Leave instructions to the renter on how each appliance functions. This way they’ll be able to use them easily and only have to contact you if they have additional questions or something seems out of sorts.

Leaving information aids the guest in switching on the appliance and maximizing its use rather than assuming the appliances don’t work. With detailed instructions, your guests can enjoy the benefits and convenience of the appliances in your vacation rental.

Switch on all electronics

Avoid a shortcut and examine all electronics by switching them one in your vacation rental. You have to be confident that the amenities you advertised are accessible and in good working condition.

As part of your marketing plan to exceed your customers’ expectations, you want them to appreciate all the accouterments you offer in your vacation rental. This way, they can maximize their full enjoyment of the space. It might even inspire them to rebook again due to their pleasant experience.

During this time you should also inspect the internet connection. With everyone needing to connect to the internet for work, play, or socialization, having a working internet is of utmost importance.

Survey the connection in each room. Find ways to increase the internet speed in other rooms. This is a common lament of guests and one you should take to heart.

rental safety and first aid

Study all safety precautions

Test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as these are essential for emergencies. Both must be in peak functionality so ensure that there are always working batteries installed in them.

In addition to smoke decors and alarms, remain cautious and leave fire extinguishers in kitchens and areas where cooking appliances are located like outdoor fireplaces or grilling areas. It’s also vital to have a medicine cabinet where first aid kits can be found in case an accident occurs during a guest's stay.

For your guests to remain safe, your vacation rental inspection should cover safety protocols. Nothing is more reassuring to your guests than staying in a vacation rental that promotes their personal safety by keeping the property thoroughly inspected.

Bottom Line

Performing a detailed vacation rental inspection will benefit guests and ultimately rewards the landlord. Presenting a well-inspected vacation unit is fundamental in enhancing the customer’s holiday experience. By delivering impeccable customer service through an extensive vacation rental inspection, there’s more room for customer satisfaction.

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