Overview of How to Make Your Rental Stand Out

If we consider the number of vacation rentals being marketed in Florida’s First Coast, you would find plenty online, while driving around, and even on print advertisements. As a property owner, instinct dictates that your property must stand out against the competition. It would be to your own benefit that your property belongs to the list for top choices.

It is easy to say that the features of your unit will sell itself. However, it pays to determine ways on how to make your property more appealing on your own, as well. As a vacation rental property owner, it is recommended to come up with ways to raise the market value of your unit.

In this article, we will provide you with a couple of ways to increase the appeal of your property in Florida.

Maintain a clean home

It goes without saying that a clean home always gives a bright and light feeling.

It would be a great idea to even hire professional cleaners. Deep cleaning enhances the home and completely cleans the hard-to-scrub corners. So, wherever the potential renter looks, you are reassured that your home is neat.

A clean home also sets the tone for the care you expect from the occupants. In return, they would also see that property maintenance is a top priority for you and they too will maintain the upkeep themselves.

Additionally, always make sure your house is clean before taking photos of it for marketing.

Budget for the services of a professional photographer

Although it may be a slightly more expensive option, it is advisable to have professional photos of your property. It is imperative that your property looks attractive in promotional materials and listings. It will get numerous inquiries compared to amateur quality photos whose features are not properly highlighted.

Set the right rental price

If you price your vacation rental unit low, you are opening yourself up to a very large set of prospective renters. Nonetheless, that is not what you are aiming for when you want to stand out. You want to capture the right set of tenants at the fair market rate. Always abide by the market and do not swing too low just to attract as many people as possible.

This might backfire on you as you will attract the ones who would not be able to meet the rent dues.

Use accurate description when marketing in ads

Before marketing your property, take a moment to assess its features and assets. Then list down what makes your property particularly appealing. Be clear, specific, and concise.

Include the number and size of bedrooms and expensive quality of brands and appliances when describing your property in a rental listing. You can also mention its proximity to transportation hubs or major centers. If you have a garden, pool, and/or parking spaces, it is beneficial to write them down as well.

Take time to conduct some renovation

It is important to renovate and keep items restored, replaced, and repaired. Here are suggestions to consider when marketing your vacation rental property:

Fix things that need repairs

Broken doorknobs and cracked tiles are things that need to be repaired. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective renter touring the property.

Repair things that need to be fixed so that there will not be reason for them to renegotiate the price or terms.

Use neutral paint

Renters have different preferences so it is better to paint your home in a neutral shade.

This does not necessarily mean that you need to use a dull, boring paint color. There are plenty of beige and earth tone colors that are pleasing to look at.


Make your rental unit look more spacious by clearing the clutter. Avoid unnecessary decors and keep everything minimalist. This way, your rental property appears brighter, larger, and more organized.

Even attics, basements, and the garage should have a clutter-free look.

Adjust lighting fixtures

Natural light is always more preferred by renters. It also opens up the space to appear warmer, more inviting, and brighter. If you have less natural light, inspect the lighting fixtures in your interior property.

Opt to change to modern lighting to enhance the look inside your home. There are plenty of choices for reasonable prices. Just changing the light fixtures alone can drastically improve the look of your property’s interior.

Focus on curb appeal

Pay attention to the exterior of your property. Consider a repainting job, add plants, and enhance the landscape.

Bottom line

It is expected that there will be plenty of vacation rental properties with similar features as your own. However, as long as you put in adequate time and effort, you will have little problem standing out from the competition.

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